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Pier Francesco Abortivi

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Pier Francesco Abortivi

Pier Francesco Abortivi




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Francesco is the International Director of Adventive Cross Cultural Initiatives (mission agency). He has experience with multicultural churches and is still pastoring a small church near Parma, Italy, while facilitating a local pastoral group. He’s part of the board of the Italian Counseling Association.

He loves to encourage leaders and missionaries, promote church unity and collaboration, fortify believers. He’s married with two grown up children.

Francesco è il direttore internazionale di Adventive Cross Cultural Initiatives (agenzia missionaria). Ha esperienza in chiese multiculturali e tutt’ora segue una piccola chiesa vicino a Parma, mentre facilita un gruppo pastorale locale. E’ anche parte del consiglio direttivo di ACC (Asssociazione Consulenti Cristiani).

Francesco ama incoraggiare leader e missionari, promuovere l’unità e la collaborazione fra le chiese, fortificare i credenti. E’ sposato e ha due figli adulti.

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