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Formation seminars

Training sessions in leadership, pastoral care and discipleship for churches, ministry teams and conferences

Living Leadership's ministry staff and associates have extensive experience leading seminars in a wide range of settings, including conferences and churches, providing biblical and practical  training to general audiences and ministry teams large and small, always with the Living Leadership Formation emphasis on character in relationship with God as the foundation of service.

Formation seminars are always interactive, involving space for Q&A and, often, discussion in groups.

We can provide Formation Seminars on any theme or issue in three areas (the subjects listed below are indicative only and by no means exhaustive):


  • Becoming like Christ

  • The Bible in Widescreen (overview)

  • Church: must, not maybe

  • Discovering and using spiritual gifts

  • Knowing and obeying God's will

  • Prayer: intimacy and intercession

  • Scripture: Read, Hear, Obey


  • Abiding in Christ in Leadership

  • Character and culture in leadership

  • Conflict transformation

  • Disciple-making / equipping others

  • Leading through change

  • Team formation and leadership

  • Vision and strategy

Pastoral Care

  • Listening for heart and truth

  • Boundaries for wise pastoral care

  • Care for specific groups / issues

  • Guiding others from Scripture

  • Healing broken relationships

  • Sin, repentance and forgiveness

  • Well-being in body, mind and soul

Formation Seminars can take a variety of formats from a one hour to ninety-minute session combining teaching and interaction to a day-long programme incorporating a mixture of group work and teaching, to contributions on a daily basis within a wider conference programme.

We always aim to serve the churches and organisations who invite us within their needs and priorities by shaping our material to the format they suggest.  For that reason we prefer to speak to you about your specific needs.  To begin the conversation please use the following form:

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