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Leadership Commitments

Updated 12/02/2024

Do you want your leaders to be cared for well and to serve safely and wisely?

Our 'Leadership Commitments Scheme' exists to help your church or organisation achieve that aim.

What is the Leadership Commitments Scheme?

This Scheme offers eligible churches and Christian organisations the opportunity to demonstrate a two-way commitment between leaders and those they lead by adopting Living Leadership's Codes of Best Practice in Care of Christian Leaders and Conduct of Christian Leaders. 

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We believe that good care for leaders and good conduct by leaders are essential for the spiritual health of churches and Christian organisations.

Registered churches and organisations can display a badge (right) on their websites and any relevant communications.

To help you as you seek to embed and uphold the standards, registration gives you access to exclusive resources, discounts and training opportunities.

A two-way commitment?

We believe commitment to best practice in leader care and conduct requires the involvement of more than just the senior leaders. We want to encourage whole congregations or staff teams to grow, together with their leaders, towards deep and caring relationships in which leaders can lead joyfully and those they lead can have confidence in them. We warmly encourage leaders to engage their congregations and teams in a vision and commitments for spiritually healthy leaders and leadership culture. Your donation to Living Leadership may even serve as a pointer to that aim and we have intentionally set suggested donations at levels relating to the number of people as a way to indicate investment from the whole church or organisation in this aim.

Is there a cost for the Scheme?

There is no fixed charge for registration in the Scheme, but registration is subject to an annual donation to Living Leadership, which enables us to cover the costs of the Scheme and part of our core running costs. We suggest the following donation amounts: 

These are suggested amounts only. Churches and organisations can choose their own level of donation and will have access to the same benefits regardless of the amount.  

Can denominations register?

Since the scheme indicates commitments in relationship between leaders and those they lead directly, we cannot accept group registrations from denominations and church networks. Each local congregation must register in its own name with the agreement of its leaders. Denominations can, however, register as organisations to show their endorsement of the standards and their commitment to enact them in their practices among their central denominational staff.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the eligibility requirements for registration?


Congregations and organisations who donate to Living Leadership can register in the Leadership Commitments Scheme if they:

  • Meet our basic eligibility requirements, meaning that they:

    • are based in the UK or Ireland;

    • are a legal entity (having registered as a company or charity);

    • adhere to the World Evangelical Alliance Statement of Faith (please note, this statement is not the same as Living Leadership’s own Statement of Faith and the requirement to indicate adherence to this Statement of Faith is not intended in any sense to replace the statements of faith or doctrinal bases of registering organisations or churches, but to establish a minimal degree of doctrinal commonality between registered organisations and churches);

    • have a transparent governance structure (names of trustees or people in senior management/leadership positions are in the public domain and there is accountability to a board or leadership team);

    • practice transparency in their finances (accounts are in the public domain or published to members).

  • Commit voluntarily to adhering to Living Leadership’s Codes of Best Practice in two areas:

  1. Care of Christian Leaders – standards for how churches and organisations look after leaders;

  2. Conduct of Christian Leaders – standards for how leaders serve in their churches and organisations.

  • Consent to their details being kept on Living Leadership’s register and to their registration status being made known on request to enquirers.


Denominations and networks of churches that meet these requirements can also register, but their registration applies to their central staff and operations, not to their member congregations. Each member congregation must register individually since the commitments must be between local leaders and those they serve among.

Registration is for a period of one year at a time. Renewal of registration is dependent on a fresh affirmation that these criteria still apply and on a new donation to Living Leadership.

What are the Codes of Best Practice we need to commit to?

Living Leadership has produced two codes of best practice, which highlight reciprocal commitments between leaders and members. They are:

You can access a sample of the documents through the above links. Registered organisations will receive these files (both physical and digitally) as part of the registration process.

What are the benefits of registration?

1.    Badging
Registered churches and organisations can carry our badge on their website and other materials. This shows their commitment and facilitates transparency and accountability. Additionally, you will be added to our register of organisations that have made this commitment, that people can access.

2.    Free resources
Free access to resources including:

  • Code of Best Practice in the Conduct of Christian Leaders – setting ethical standards and suggesting boundaries around how leaders work with others. (Normally £20 each)

  • Leadership Toolkits – a growing range of resources for member to improve your leadership practices in areas like annual reviews and recruitment. (Normally £5 each)

3.    Reduced rate training opportunities

  • 10% discount on all Formation Courses (including our Gospel-Shaped Pastoral Care Course).

  • 50% discount on premium resources on our website, including Ministry Masterclass recordings.

What does registration not mean?

Registration should not be understood to imply:

  • A formal partnership between registered bodies and Living Leadership.

  • Exact alignment of doctrine or ethos between Living Leadership and registered bodies.

  • Any sense of registered bodies being subject to Living Leadership.

  • Membership of Living Leadership or of a network of registered bodies.

  • Approval from Living Leadership of how registered bodies enact the standards.

  • Regulation by Living Leadership of how the standards are implemented in registered bodies.

  • A commitment from Living Leadership to intervene or otherwise act in disputes or complaints.

Additionally, registration by a denomination or network of churches indicates their endorsement of the Scheme and their commitment for leaders within denominational staff teams to uphold the standards. It does not mean that member congregations within the network or denomination are registered.

What are the terms and conditions of registration?


Registration with Living Leadership and use of the badge are subject to the following terms and conditions:

  • Living Leadership cannot regulate or inspect the adherence of registered churches and organisations to the standards contained in the Codes of Best Practice. Registration and use of the badge do not imply Living Leadership’s approval of how these standards are implemented in registered churches and organisations. It is purely indicative of the commitment of the church or organisation to adhere to and implement these standards. It allows leaders and those they lead to hold each other accountable to the standards and to pursue growth towards best practice when issues arise.

  • Living Leadership will maintain a register of churches and organisations that have committed to adhere to the Codes of Best Practice and have donated to Living Leadership within the preceding year. Living Leadership will disclose to anyone who inquires whether a specific church or organisation is on the register. We may also publish the list of registered churches and organisations on our website and indicate that registered denominations and networks of churches endorse the Scheme.

  • Living Leadership reserves the right to remove a church or organisation from the register without notice and to ask it to stop displaying the badge without reason and without prejudice to the church or organisation.  

  • If Living Leadership becomes aware that a serious breach of the standards outlined in the Codes of Best Practice has been upheld by an appropriate investigatory body, it will remove the church or organisation from the register with immediate effect and request that it stops displaying the badge.  In such cases, Living Leadership may also direct people who enquire about the registration status of the church or organisation to the report of the investigating body.

  • Living Leadership cannot accept liability for the actions of any church, third-party organisation or leader, whether contrary to or in compliance with the standards contained in the Codes of Best Practice.

  • Living Leadership cannot respond to complaints from any individual about the actions of leaders in a registered church or organisation.  Anyone with concerns about the actions of a leader should make a complaint to the church or organisation or to a denomination or network of which it is part or, if there has been an alleged criminal offence, to the appropriate statutory authorities.

How does the application process work?

If you are ready to join the Scheme, you can fill in this application form. After we have received your application we will review it to check your application is appropriate for the scheme - this part of the process may take up to 10 days.

Once we have reviewed your application, we will contact you to let you know if you are able to join. If you are, you will then be invited to make your donation, and confirm that you have read the Codes of Best Practise and the terms and conditions. You will also be invited to make an account on our website whereby you can access your benefits.

Once we have received confirmation of your donation and agreement to the above statements, we will activate your benefits and add you to our register. You will then be sent the logo and a welcome pack.

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