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Annual Mentoring Programme

Helping Christian leaders in Europe develop their leadership around a core of godly character and joy in the Lord Jesus through structured group mentoring over the course of a year.

Who is the Programme for?

The Programme is open to any Christian leader of a church or Christian organisation based in Europe seeking personal development and/or skills development in ministry leadership. Depending on numbers and the needs of those in each cohort, participants will be separated into distinct streams based on the type of ministry or specific needs.

If the number of participants is small, the programme will operate with a minimum of two streams.

  • Senior and experienced leaders – including pastors, elders, experienced ministry leaders and leaders of Christian organisations.

  • Junior and new leaders – including assistant pastors, elders, youth workers and women’s workers in their first year or two of position. This stream is especially suited to people leaving Bible colleges or completing Living Leadership’s Formation Residentials programme and moving into a ministry role.

If the number of participants is larger, streams could be created based on length of experience/stage of minsitry, type of role, or ministry focus.

What time commitment is entailed?

The Progamme lasts for one year, with the possibility of a second year of either one to one mentoring or continuation of a group by special arrangement. Participants are expected to join a three-day residential in Scotland in October and then to join a 90 minute meeting online once per month from November to June. Around these meetings, participants will be offered additional one-to-one mentoring sessions with Living Leadership ministry staff and Associates.

What is covered?

The Programme is focused on participants and their needs. Content is, therefore, flexible rather than pre-sent. Content and meetings are shaped around three key values:

  1. open, trusting relationships between participants and with mentors;

  2. content shaped by the needs of participants; and

  3. prayerful dependence on the Lord.

How much does it cost?

For 2023-24, the charge for Participation is £250. If this is prohibitive for you please get in touch and we will see if we are able to provide any bursaries.

This charge includes the costs of the residential (though you will be responsible for covering your own travel costs).

In order to keep the costs as low as possible, we have not included any contribution towards Living Leadedrship's costs (such as staff time and operational costs) in the price. If you are in a position to add an additional donation to cover these costs, there will be an option to do this at the time of booking.

How do I sign up?

To sign up for this Programme (or for more information) please email

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