About Us

Our Aim

We train, support and resource leaders to be energised by the wonder of the biblical gospel and a trusting relationship with the Lord Jesus so they serve God faithfully and fruitfully for a lifetime.


Living Leadership is a collaboration of leaders and supporters from evangelical churches across the UK . Our core team includes staff and key volunteers, while a wider network of associates who share our ethos also contribute to our work.

Partners come from large churches and small churches across a range of denominations and networks. We believe many of the resources needed by churches in the UK and Ireland exist within these islands and we aim to enable the sharing of those resources. 

Our Values

Our core beliefs are the fundamental truths of Christianity, as revealed in the Bible.

Our ethos describes the kind of leaders we want to develop and how we operate.

"An ethos of grace, a focus on character and AN environment that is both safe and generous”

John Risbridger, Team Leader & Minister, Above Bar Church, Southampton

Our Programmes 

Supporting leaders

Pastoral Refreshment Conferences encourage leaders to keep their focus on the Lord Jesus by providing a context for them and their spouses to rest, recuperate and recapture the wonder of God’s grace. 

We also provide mentoring and pastoral care to individuals and groups of leaders.

Training leaders

Formation is our programme for people starting out in Christian ministry delivered through two conferences in Nottingham.

Formation School in Southampton trains disciple-making leaders for churches in the south of England through an intensive year-long course.

We also partner with churches, conferences and leaders across the UK and Ireland to provide grace-based training events for people serving at all levels in disciple-making leadership. Contact us if you’d like to explore ways we might serve you.

Resourcing leaders

Our existing resources cover a variety of topics for all aspects of ministry.

We have plans to develop new online resources in the near future.