About Us


Living Leadership is a collaboration of leaders and supporters from evangelical churches across the UK for training and sustaining leaders. Our core team includes staff and key volunteers and we have a wider network of associates who share our ethos and contribute to our work.

Partners come from large churches and small churches across a range of denominations and networks. We believe that many of the resources British churches need exist within Britain and we aim is enable the sharing of those resources. 

Our Values

Our core beliefs, around which all of our programmes are centred, are the fundamental truths of Christianity, as revealed in the Bible. You can view our statement of faith here. We also have a distinctive ethos that describes the kind of leaders we want to see develop and the way we seek to further that aim. You can see a summary of our ethos here.

Our Aim

Living Leadership wants to grow leaders who are captivated by the glory of God and the wonder of the biblical gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that leaders who have gospel-shaped hearts and are energised and supported in relationship with the Lord Jesus enjoy greater fruitfulness. Find out more about the kind of leaders we want to train and sustain through our programmes.

Our Programmes 


Pastoral Refreshment Conferences encourage leaders to keep their focus on the Lord Jesus by providing an atmosphere of worship and rest.  They are regularly described by leaders and spouses as an unmissable oasis.

Formation is our training programme for those starting out in church ministry based around two conferences yearly (September and March) seeking to equip new leaders with firm foundations in their identity in the Lord Jesus and their growth in Christ-like character . 


We partner with churches and leaders across the country to provide grace-based training events for people serving at all levels in disciple-making. We have a regular Formation School in Southampton and occasional events elsewhere, including alongside major Christian conferences. We are always open to conversations about how we might help you run a training day or develop leaders training in your area? Contact us if you’d like to explore possibilities.

Online Resources

Our existing resources cover a variety of topics for all aspects of ministry. We have plans to develop new online resources in the near future.

Eating and sharing together are and important part of our programmes

Eating and sharing together are and important part of our programmes

Marcus in action, training leaders in Southampton, 2013

Marcus in action, training leaders in Southampton, 2013