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Graduate Conference

Formation Residentials

“[Formation Residentials are] so foundational to the whole year and what we’re trying to do on the Ministry Training Scheme because it’s not looking at developing skills, it’s not about increasing knowledge, but it’s actually about the heart… its really about the person of the Christian leader.”

Church Leader


Character-focussed training for junior leaders

Since 2006, Formation Residentials been complementing the training churches and Christian organisations provide for developing junior leaders by laying essential foundations for life in ministry as a disciple-maker in a context of encouragement, support, fun and fellowship with other people from across the country at the same stage as you in ministry.

Unlike many conferences that concentrate on the skills and activities involved with being a junior leader, Formation Residentials focus on the leader as a person. Across the two conferences each year (September and March), we teach about living in the love of God, experiencing God's grace, becoming Christ-like, and being a servant.

We also encourage supervisors of junior leaders and overseers of church internship schemes to accompany their delegates. This provides a great opportunity for teams to bond and be refreshed together. We also encourage supervisors to take an active part in the program - sharing their wisdom and experiences with the junior leaders.

Save the Date for 2024/25

19th -12th September & 4th - 6th March
Cornerstone Church, Nottingham*

*With accommodation available at local Travelodge if booked early

Supervisors offer!!

To help supervisors join in the fun, we want to cover your conference costs*

*This means you will only need to pay your accommodation and travel - though we may be able to find alternative accommodation options if needed.

What people say about Formation Residentials:

I am very grateful to all of you for the rich investment you have made in our interns. They loved it and I am praying for great spiritual fruit in their lives from this. 

Church Leader

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