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Who we are

Living Leadership exists to see Christ glorified in the Church through leaders who joyfully abide in Him and faithfully serve Him

Our mission is to contribute to growing disciple-making leaders in the Church by providing training, support and resources that promote gospel faithfulness and lifelong fruitfulness in ministry

Our values

Our values as an organisation are grace, generosity and passion for the glory of God. These values are explained, expressed and elaborated upon in three statements that govern our work.

Our Statement of Faith

All of our work rests on this foundation, aims to be faithful to this and seeks to promote unity on the basis of agreement with these truths.  Our Statement of Faith aligns us with many churches and other organisations with whom we seek to partner.

Our ethos

We want to be and to grow leaders who are: 

  • captivated by the glory of God and the wonder of the biblical gospel of Jesus Christ;

  • wise and kind, serving out of a deep relationship with God and love of His Word as the heart of their spirituality;

  • passionate in the belief that taking the gospel of God’s salvation into every corner of the globe is the primary mission of the church;

  • committed to leading out of a clear and life-long enjoyment of God’s grace and dedicated to serving others in love;

  • humble, faithful, prayerful, loving, repentant and forgiving, knowing that secret character before God is more important than skills.

How We Work

We are committed to serving others with integrity within their needs and interest, and three documents describe how we do that:

  • The Living Leadership Relational Commitments are the set of principles to which all our ministry staff, Associates and Affiliates subscribe. They include principles about how we work with Christians and churches whose theology and practice in matters that are not covered by our Statement of Faith are not identical to their own.

  • The Living Leadership 'Code of Conduct for Interpersonal Ministry' establishes ethical principles and boundaries around the relationships through which our staff and associates provide pastoral care and mentoring for individuals, couples and small groups.

  • The Living Leadership 'Safeguarding Policy' describes our approach to disclosures about abuse and allegations of abusive behaviour by people working in the name of Living Leadership.

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