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James Crooks

James Crooks



Jim had a career in Senior Leadership in Further and Higher Education before retiring as Principal in 2012 to take up full time Christian Service. He subsequently served as Pastor in Perth, Scotland but retired from that role in December 2020. Jim continues a year-round programme for mentoring of pastors through the European Leadership Forum (ELF and also co-led the Network of Disciple-making Leaders for ELF for three years. He has also worked as an Advisor with the Church Strengthening Initiative for a number of years. Jim’s interest and passion is to get alongside Leaders who are learners. He says he is still one himself.

Living Leadership ministries:

Refreshment Days, Refresh One to One, Refresh Groups

If you are looking for one to one support, our 'What to Expect' document lays out Our commitment to you and the principles underpinning interpersonal ministry.

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