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Growing disciple-making leaders is vital for the Church in every generation

We long to see leaders captivated by the wonder of the gospel of God’s grace faithfully serving Christ

"An ethos of grace, a focus on character and environment that is both safe and generous: we have been delighted to encourage leaders in our church to be part of Living Leadership Conferences for years now.

John Risbridger - Team Leader & Minister, Above Bar Church, Southampton.

How do we do it?


Pastoral Refreshment Conferences

Annual conferences investing in people in ‘full time’ Christian ministry

Emphasising grace-based provision for life and ministry, Pastoral Refreshment Conferences are an oasis for those feeling weary and discouraged, as well as those who simply need sustaining in service


A training programme for people starting out in Christian ministry

Laying grace-based foundations in the hearts of those who are learning to lead, Formation is designed for interns and apprentices with churches, mission programme trainees, or those with newly found time to serve such as retirees or empty-nest parents.

Formation School

training for people in Christian service of all kinds

Growing character and confidence in the ways in which God gifts us and sends us by learning how the Bible equips us for life and service in today’s world and grounding that learning in action in a context of mutual support and accountability.


quality materials from trusted British Church and mission workers

Helpful information and resources from leading authorities in areas ranging from growing disciples in various contexts, to apologetics and church change.


Pastoral refreshment conference commendation

This conference is like no other I have ever been on. The main session and seminars are very much about spiritual refreshment and encouragement. The conference is designed to wash over you, allowing God’s love, grace, forgiveness and healing to permeate your soul in a very gentle way leaving you refreshed. A must for all Ministers and spouses.

Colin Bowden - Burgh baptist


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