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  • Social Action (Part 4)

    They are busy parents and they have no time during the week to volunteer for any of the social action One of the questions which arises with social action is this one: should a social action project always Social action projects are not better than bible studies. Should Jesus always be mentioned during social action projects? In a word, no. But patrolling social action projects to ensure that Jesus is mentioned sufficiently is clearly not the

  • Social Action (Part 3)

    Last time, I looked at some of the reasons why churches engage in social action. When you take in the powerful reasons why a church should engage in social action, it’s impossible not Remember Phil from my first blog post on social action? action projects in his church. And so he asks this question about social action projects: Should social action projects always include

  • Social Action (Part Two)

    Social action. A good thing, right? In recent decades, the local church has become transformed. There is confusion over the rationale behind social action. Your church needs to understand why it engages in social action. Christians shouldn’t engage in social action in order to find approval from the world. Ever. So why social action?

  • Social Action (Part One)

    Let's talk about social action. Feeding the hungry. Clothing the needy. However, it is a sad fact that social action projects can cause division. Why is this? Make no mistake, social action projects make great headlines. This is Part One of a series of posts on social action. In the 1970s, when I grew up, social action was done by charities.

  • Learning Humility in the Fields of California

    In conversation with a Latina teacher, he’s invited to participate in all kinds of social action projects

  • The Cost of Living

    I have written previously about the subject of social action. Re-read one of my posts here.

  • Children of light (Early Advent Series for Busy Ministers)

    glory was seen, not visibly (except at the Transfiguration) but in his character, his teaching and his actions Social action and evangelism belong together. Jesus shone not only with grace, but with truth.

  • Buffet Church

    buffet represents a church activity – Sunday service, prayer meetings, home group, evangelistic events, social action projects, and more.

  • Influencers

    SOCIAL MEDIA INFLUENCERS Beautiful girl in a swimsuit. A whole industry has developed around beautiful people able to attract sufficient followers on social The action or process of producing effects on the actions, behavior, opinions, etc., of another or others Social media influencers call attention to themselves to sell products. We should be the opposite. Words Actions Essentially, we influence others by the way in which we live our lives.

  • For I Know the Plans

    We should take action to protect ourselves and others. Exercise, social, work, community as well as church. It may seem mundane simply to pray for our families and friends and to reveal God through our actions

  • Forever Children

    All the verbs—action words. Growing. It’s what children do. I’m particularly drawn to children who break social conventions not out of rudeness or spite, but simply They don’t know about social conventions (and that’s fine by me.) For example . . . age 8 Once we’ve grown up, we sense the need to control our tongues, fighting hard to avoid causing social The five-year-old who tells you he won’t be wearing pants this weekend has no interest in being socially

  • The Spiritual Life in Motion

    The kind of action we find in verbs. What are the action words? Stand, look, ask (twice), walk and find rest. Perhaps it’s good to become like children again, for whom action words are clear and obvious. Which action words jump out at you today? Which ones describe the movements in your journey? Embrace the action words.

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