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Refresh Groups

Refresh Groups offer support to those who are in ministry (or their spouses) through group mentoring facilitated by seasoned mentors

If you are interested in meeting with other people in ministry for regular mutual support in a context of honesty and transparency, Refresh Groups are for you. Get in touch with our team to find out if there is a group near you, or whether we could set one up.

Currently active groups

Northern Ireland - Greater Belfast Area - Yachad Group

This group, facilitated by our Head of Ministry Operations Paul Coulter, is for men in their 20s and 30s who are in a leadership role in a church or Christian organisation. The name Yachad is the Hebrew word variously translated 'harmony' or 'unity' in Psalm 133:1 - the quality that is good and pleasant when it is present between brothers.  The Yachad Group meets at 9.30am on the second Wednesday of every month between October and June in the Finaghy area or online.

If you are in the greater Belfast area and eligible for this group and would value a community for mutual prayer and encouragement from the Scriptures, you can apply to join the group for the 2022-23 year here.

If you can't see a group in your area, do still get in contact with our team who may be able to connect you to on-to-one support in your area, or to let us know that there is interest for starting a group near you.

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