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Pastoral Care Foundations Course

Explore what pastoral care is and how it can be thoroughly shaped by the gospel through this video-based, on demand course

What does this course aim to do?

When [Jesus] saw the crowds, he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd. - Matthew 9:36

This statement from Matthew’s Gospel describes people in needs. Harassed by false ideas and hostile powers and unable to help themselves. Needing a shepherd to protect and lead them. Needing the Good Shepherd, Jesus himself, who had come to lay down his life for his sheep.

Pastoral care is the work of Jesus. The call to provide pastoral care to others is his call to share his heart of compassion for people in need and to draw alongside them in his name. That is why our vision and practice of pastoral care must be centred on the person of Christ, grounded in the Scriptures that testify to Christ, and shaped by the gospel about Christ.

Pastoral Care Foundations guides you to explore what pastoral care is and how it can be thoroughly shaped by the gospel. It aims to equip anyone who will be involved at any level in pastoral care in a church or Christian organisation.

Find out more about this course by viewing our introductory video:

How should I use this course?

You can use the course as an individual or as part of a group and you will have purchased a license for one or other of these options.

Please note that there is a different price point depending on whether you intend to use the course individually or for a group. If you purchase it for individual use initially and later decide to use it with a group, we ask that you visit our website again to pay the extra cost to upgrade your license.

We think the course works best when a church or organisation asks those who provide pastoral care or who may do so in future to work through the course as a group. That way they can learn together and apply what they learn directly to their context.

If you are studying as a group, you can mix and match the various elements of the course materials to suit your context and the time available. In your welcome guide, we will provide three possible ways you could plan the course to help you plan.

What is included with the course?

For each session, we have provided:

Video teaching – each video is around one hour long. Throughout the teaching, you will find reflection questions. We encourage you to pause the video at each of these and take a few minutes to reflect and make notes. If you need to watch the videos in smaller chunks, you can also use these reflection questions as natural points to stop and restart.

PowerPoint slides – the slides used in the teaching so you can follow along or revisit them later.

Study guides – each video is accompanied by a study guide including:

  • a summary of the teaching video content;

  • the reflection questions from the video with timestamps to facilitate stopping and restarting if needed;

  • Bible passages related to the topic of the session which you may wish to study;

  • questions for use in discussion groups;

  • a case study relating to the session for further discussion where possible.

How can I purchase the course?

We have three licensing levels available, with associated pricing:

  • Individual (£25)

  • Group, up to 20 people (£60)

  • Unlimited use (£120)

You can purchase the relevant license through our shop, then you will receive a welcome pack detailing how you can access and download all the accompanying material.

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