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Powerful Leaders?

When church leadership goes wrong and how to prevent it

by Marcus Honeysett

How do Christian leaders end up abusing power, even though many begin with good intentions? More importantly, how can we prevent it?


Powerful Leaders? exposes and explores how people in positions of authority can be tempted away from a biblical model of leadership into an illegitimate – and, in the worst cases, abusive – use of power. Drawing on his years of experience working with leaders and congregations, Marcus Honeysett traces how those in power in the church can move along a spectrum of healthy to unhealthy uses of authority and position, and offers practical wisdom to prevent this from happening.


Whether you are in leadership or in a position to hold leaders accountable, this book will challenge and equip you to be more aware of the dynamics of power – and enable you to take the necessary steps forward to create healthier church cultures in which everyone can thrive

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