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Pastoral Care Foundations Course (Group, up to 20 people)

Pastoral Care Foundations guides you to explore what pastoral care is and how it can be thoroughly shaped by the gospel. It aims to equip anyone who will be involved at any level in pastoral care in a church or Christian organisation. 


In this course, participants will delve into the heart of pastoral care. With six insightful sessions, we provide a balanced blend of theoretical understanding and hands-on tools for effective pastoral care.


Course Materials:

  • Engaging video teachings with reflection questions for deeper understanding.
  • PowerPoint slides for easy reference and review.
  • Comprehensive handouts featuring summaries, Bible passages, discussion questions, and case studies for interactive learning.


This product provides a license for a group of up to 20 people to access the course. (Other licenses are available)


Upgrade Option: If you initially purchase the course for up to 20 people but later decide to utilize it beyond that, you can easily upgrade to an unlimited license and will only need to pay the difference in price.

For further details about this course and to sample the course at

Pastoral Care Foundations Course (Group, up to 20 people)

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