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Servant Leader or Leading servant?

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So you want to grow as a leader in the church? 

Great. But it’s not easy, is it? 

Rumbles have started among the faithful that the music is too loud. Long-time servant, Claris, says she’s thinking of leaving. Meanwhile, the worship leader has decided to try all his new songs in one go. That should be fun! Oh, and last Sunday, you heard a rumour that light fingers might be in play with the offering bags. Finally, a retired minister from the neighbouring parish, who’s moved into your village, just gave you three pages of feedback on your latest sermon. Apparently, you’re a heretic. 

You’re overwhelmed, of course. An inbox which looks like it’s bidding for promotion to the Premier League of Larger Inboxes. Not to mention a late meeting with a senior elder who has an anger problem. 

So you pray. Of course you do. You pray for strength and mercy. And please, Lord, more mercy. And more patience.


How do I grow as a leader? How do I find some kind of guidance on this huge word, ‘leadership?’ Life is coming at me so fast, it’s hard to stay afloat, never mind think deep thoughts about leadership. 

But the question won’t go away. It hangs around because God has called you into Christian ministry. 

So what does the Bible have to say about leadership? That is a deadly serious question. 

Fortunately, the Bible does indeed have things to say about leadership. And God hasn’t left us empty-handed. So this week, we’re offering some help and guidance. We’re starting with an article by Paul Coulter on the well-known phrase, ‘servant leadership.’ 

For the article, click here.


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