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Christmas Every Day

Christmas is over. Or is it?

I like to think that there’s an aspect of Christmas which should remain throughout the year: saying ‘thank you’ for the gifts we receive.

Every day. Not just on 25 December.

The following is inspired by Emmet from The Lego Movie. In his first scene, he gets up, and with a chirpy voice, says ‘good morning’ to everything in his apartment.

So whether you know Emmet or not, read this with his enthusiasm and joy . . .

(Yawn) . . . Wow, what’s this? I can see. Eyes – how amazing are these things?! And I have arms, and legs, hey that’s so cool. Some legs for walking. And I can hear the birds. Ears – neat, I love them. So flappy when you tug on them. And, hold on, something smells. Must have a nose. And socks in need of a wash! Excellent. And this bed, wow, I love beds, so useful for resting in. And these walls around me, and the ceiling and hey, look over there, some clothes.

Let me get up and check this out.

Wow, a whole wardrobe full of clothes and all those shoes, all for me? Whoa, that’s a lot of shoes. Time to wash and go for breakfast. Water? I love water. Drink it, bathe in it, wash with it, and I just turn the tap? A basin with taps . . . so amazing. And I almost forgot, a wife still asleep in bed. She is going to be so useful. For loving and talking to, of course, not just the stuff she can do for me!

Hey, I love these stairs, so useful for going down one level.

And whoa, I love this fridge. Let me hug it! Full of food too. And tables and chairs and pictures on the walls, and a sink and a stove and . . . I love this kitchen. Thank you so so much for all of this. Let me see, a front door, and in here, a desk and a computer and down here, more walls and wow, you’ve given me a lot of books. How did you know I like books so much? Hey, a couch and a TV and more books and a rug and a teenage son, who is looking at his phone. A son? Wow, what a gift he is. And you gave him a phone? Are you sure that was wise? I’m just kidding. I saw another phone in the kitchen. That must be for me, right? Thanks so much.

Let me open this window here.

Trees? I get to share the trees with everyone else? I love that. And the flowers and the grass and the sky up there, it is all so beautiful. The colours and clouds and hey, look over there, a neighbour. I’m guessing he received gifts this morning too. He must be thrilled, just like me. Hmm, he doesn’t look over-thrilled. Oh well, we’re all different, right? Hold on, is that a car for me outside? And a bike? I love bikes. For me? Wow. Thank you so much.

I’ve just got to say, this is overwhelming. I do this every morning and every time, I just have to sit down and take a moment. I just don’t get how I deserve any of this. Each day I mess up, but every morning, here are all these gifts. Again. So many of them. Everywhere I look, more and more gifts. How does that work? I’ve given up trying to figure it out. I just enjoy it every day.

So, thank you, thank you for my Christmas presents.

I just love celebrating Christmas every day.

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