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Find a ministry or support near you

If you are looking for one-to-one support, our 'What to Expect' document lays out our commitments to you and the principles underpinning our approach to interpersonal ministry.

Local ministries

Our ministry is conducted face-to-face, at conferences, in groups and one-to-one.  The map below shows the locations of most of our regular ministries and the areas in which our Staff and Associates operate.

You can scroll over this map and click on the pins to find out more and visit other pages of our site to find out more information. If you want more information about any of our ministries, or wish to be put in contact with someone who can meet up with you to provide support, please contact us.

Formation ministries
Ministry staff & associates
Refresh ministries

Online ministries

Many of our ministries can support you right where you are, across the internet. These include Resources, Formation Courses, Refresh Network Online and, when meeting in person isn't an option, Refresh One-to-One sessions can also be conducted online. 

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