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Bournemouth Bible Week Slides

These slides are provided for people who attended the leaders seminars at the Bournemouth Bible Week with Paul Coulter on Tuesday 4th July 2023.  They are for personal use of attendees and should not be reproduced or distributed to others.  If you think others might benefit from them, please encourage them to connect with Living Leadership.

Living Leadership ministry staff are available to provide training on leadership and pastoral care in a variety of formats from a one hour to ninety-minute session combining teaching and interaction to a day-long programme incorporating a mixture of group work and teaching, to contributions on a daily basis within a wider conference programme.

We always aim to serve the churches and organisations who invite us within their needs and priorities by shaping our material to the format they suggest.  For that reason we prefer to speak to you about your specific needs.  To begin the conversation please use the following form:

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