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Church Discipline

Church Discipline

"Disciplining a church member is one of the most challenging things a church leader will ever have to do. It is a task that is often entered into with trepidation, uncertainty, and a great deal of emotional stress. Anyone who has faced this from a leadership position will have the scars to prove it; it is draining and painful. 

"Sadly, church discipline is often done poorly – not because of a lack of desire within the church leader, and certainly not because the leader is bad. Instead, the reality is that, because people are involved, it is usually complex, often hurtful, and always unpredictable. Faithful church leaders are mindful of walking a tightrope – trying to balance between law and grace; dealing with sin yet showing the compassion of Christ. "

In this article, Stephen McQuoid unpacks the tings to consider when conducting church discipline.

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