What is the School of Missional Disciple-Making?

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The School of Missional Disciple-Making nurtures men and women as disciplemaking disciples of Jesus and equips them for leadership in fulfilling the Great Commission. The curriculum and trainers are passionately evangelical, rigorously biblical and resolutely missional. They seek to lead and disciple students, firmly based on experiencing God’s grace.

The School is committed to delivering excellent, substantial biblical and theological teaching that is motivated by the desire to equip people for effective, mission-focused leadership and ministry. We do not aim to replicate or replace the work of Bible colleges, but to develop leaders within the local church, for the local church.

What do students gain from the School?

Taking a deliberately missional view of the Church and of disciple-making from Ephesians 4, the training is divided into four tracks: 


  • Understanding and explaining the mission of God (Bible)
  • Experiencing the blessing of God (spiritual formation)
  • God blessing others through us (spiritual leadership and missional church)
  • Growing disciple-making disciples


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The training is intentionally practical and will require students to seek others to disciple, to interact with Christians and non-Christians and to develop an understanding of the missional opportunities in their local area.



Term dates 2014-2015: 

Term 1: September 23rd – December 2nd (Half term October 28th)

Term 2: January 13th – March 24th (Half term February 17th)

Term 3: April 28th – July 7th (Half term May 26th)


Who is involved?


The School is a partnership between Above Bar Church and Living Leadership Training, both of which provide tutors. Other speakers and trainers participate from further afield. The steering group includes Marcus Honeysett from Living Leadership, and representing Above Bar Church, John Risbridger, Bettina Collins and Paul Webber. It also includes Thompy Wright from Above Bar Church & The Navigators UK and Tony Watkins from Above Bar Church & Damaris Trust.

Is the School for you?

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The School is aimed at those who are already involved in some form of leadership, particularly potential missional community or home group leaders, church apprentices or assistant ministers. If you are not sure whether this includes you, please chat to your minister or pastor, or send us an email. Students should apply with the full support of their local church. Ministers/pastors are encouraged to partner with the School by mentoring their students in their local church context.

For further information

The School of Missional Disciple-Making is held in the centre of Southampton at Above Bar Church. It runs on Tuesday afternoons and evenings for three ten week terms. If you would like further information about cost or wish to request a brochure and application form, please contact info@missionaldisciplemaking.org.uk.