A Prayer for the Home Group Leader's Fridge

Written by Pete Lowman

You can download the PDF of this resource here.


Sunday: Father, please help me grow as a homegroup leader!

Monday: Father, please grant each of us more vision for what our group can be, and for what you do in us as we meet together.

Tuesday: Father, please speak to us clearly and practically as we read your Word, and as we pray, and worship, together. 

Wednesday: Father, please bless the person leading our next group study, as they prepare and lead.  May everyone contribute helpfully.  And may our group be a safe place where less experienced leaders learn to do it better and better; help us give them the help they need in preparation and leading, and help us help them with encouragement and positive evaluation afterwards.

Thursday: Father, please lead us into a healthy group prayer life.  Help us see the prayer issues arising from the Bible passages we read together; help us pray fruitfully for each other’s needs in life,  work and the family; help us pray wisely for our church, our town, and global mission.  And please help us spot and be encouraged and thankful for the answers!

Friday: Father, please help us learn to be true worshippers, `in Spirit and in truth’.  Please deepen our love for you, and help us develop what we read of you in your Word into heartfelt praise and thanks.

Saturday: Father, please help our group be a place where we genuinely encourage, build up, pray with, and are accountable to each other.

Sunday: Father, please keep us from obstacles to a healthy group life, like grudges, hidden agendas, and insensitivity; and please help me and others to help our group wisely in growing beyond them.

Monday: Father, please help us reach out effectively to our fringe members; to newcomers, to our members who cannot come often, and to those who have grown a bit cold. Help us be creative in texts, phonecalls, cards and visits, and may they not get isolated from the church and from you.

Tuesday: Father, please make our group an encouraging place, in which we each feel safe to participate, and free to make mistakes. And grant us someone in the group good at spotting giftings and finding openings for people to learn to exercise them, in the group and also more widely.

Wednesday: Father, please help us in praying effectively for each other’s specific steps forward in witness; and help us see what bridge-building events we can do with each other’s neighbours and friends.

Thursday: Father, if any of our own group members are not yet your children, please help us help them into full faith and salvation through their relationships with us.

Friday:  Father, please bless our link missionary  ____________________; please help us understand how to be of real support to them, and may they feel genuinely supported by us.

Saturday: Father, please raise up more gifted leaders in our group, to encourage us and move us on in the different parts of our life together!


Pete Lowman.