A few tips for everyone

You can download the PDF of this resource here.

  • Commit to your walk with Jesus

Invest in your own journey with Christ - pray, get stuck into the word, and worship in your own time - endurance in our walk with the Lord comes from our joy in the gospel - desire it, chase it! When you are not taking part in the worship team, make sure you are still worshipping as intensely as you would when you are up front - be real


  • Aim high and practice

We want to do our best for God’s glory - so take time to work at your instrument

Please understand our heart in this - this isn’t because the best worship is when the music is at it's best, but because we believe that God has given us our gifts and we should want to use them to the best of our ability - without becoming complacent.


  • Time-keeping

Arrive on time to rehearsals - even if you don't have a lot to set up, there are always things you can do to help the rest of the band - get music out, help setting up microphones etc.


  • Music and kit

Make sure you have all the music you need for rehearsal before the day if possible. If you use an iPad or tablet then make sure you have the set list ready for practice.


  • New songs

Take the time to really learn any new songs that will be taught during the sung worship time. It means that on the day you will just need to put all your parts together instead of wasting valuable time learning notes.