Pleasing God

Pastoral Refreshment Conferences 2020

An oasis for church leaders and their spouses to rest, recuperate and recapture the wonder of God’s grace

“I don’t know of anything else that fills this great need in quite the same way
or with the same effectiveness”
Professor Glynn Harrison

We have two conferences in England in 2020:

Hothorpe Hall, Leicestershire, 3-5 February
Main Speaker: Rev. Graham Cooke

The Newby Bridge Hotel, Windermere, 4-6 February
Main Speaker: Rev. Steve Midgley
A partnership between Keswick Ministries & Living Leadership

Hothorpe Hall

Hothorpe Hall

The Newby Bridge Hotel

The Newby Bridge Hotel


The conference is intended for full time Christian leaders and spouses and others who carry significant leadership responsibility in a church, for example as an elder or church warden,.

If you aren't a leader in your church, why not bless your leaders by paying for them to come?

What do delegates say about the conference?

  • “There is a real sense of the Lord's presence. It is great to receive his love with his people”

  • “What a wonderful balance of Word and Spirit and delight in Jesus there is in all aspects of the conference”

  • “A real blessing for my soul. I returned home with loads of blessing.”

  • “I've finally found the antidote to Christian conferences.”

  • “This conference really has hospitality nailed!”

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How much does it cost?

£200 per person.

We strongly encourage church leaders to ask their churches to cover the cost of sending them (and their spouses). 

If finance alone would prevent you from attending, contact the organisers of the respective conferences to discuss (details on the booking form).Terms and conditions - weather-related disruption.

Terms and conditions - weather-related disruption

We will only be able to refund fees in the event of weather or similar disruption if the event as a whole is cancelled or curtailed, and we have taken out event insurance to cover such eventualities. We are aware that our guests come from a wide geographical spread, and it is possible that adverse conditions in their home locale may prevent them from travelling while other parts of the country, including Hothorpe Hall, are clear, allowing the event to proceed. Since we will not be able to provide refunds in this event we suggest that you consider whether this risk is covered under any of your existing insurance policies and, if not, consider obtaining insurance cover.