Finding Churches in Other Cities

Written by Pete Lowman

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One of the most important times of pastoral care may be when someone in our church moves to another city.  It may avoid many problems if they’re helped to start looking for a good church before they go!

A website listing Bible-believing churches all over Britain (and, often, their own websites) is .   Probably the largest group of evangelical churches not listed there can be found via .  Another helpful site is


Questions to Think and Pray About as You Seek a New Church Home

  • Do this church’s leaders believe and want to obey the whole Bible, absolutely unreservedly; and do they believe the truths `of first importance` that it teaches – especially that Christ was God, that he died to pay for our sins, that he then rose physically from the dead `according to the Scriptures` (1 Cor 15), and that we are saved only by `turning to God in repentance and having faith in our Lord Jesus` (Acts 20:21)?
  • Is the Bible central to this church’s life and teaching?  No church is perfect, but is the Bible taught here in a way that is passionate above all to seek to draw out what the passage really says, and then to apply it to everyday life?
  • Whatever its size, is this church serious about reaching out with the gospel to those who don’t yet know Jesus?
  • Again, whatever its size, does its worship bring you closer to God?  And is it a place where you could envisage bringing your not-yet-Christian friends?
  • Do its members seem to be interested in each other and caring for each other, and for newcomers?
  • Does it seem to take prayer seriously?
  • Does it seem to have a heart for God’s mission into the whole world?

Pray with your departing sister or brother that the Father will lead them; and stay in touch until you know they are solidly settled in a fellowship elsewhere!

Pete Lowman

© Pete Lowman.