Dating Websites

Written by Pete Lowman


Life today has moved online. Dating and courtship has moved online.  And sometimes those of us who are wrestling with singleness may do well to look at Christian introduction sites –particularly if you come from and are looking for a partner from a particular background.

But there are many supposedly Christian dating websites; and in fact many of them are not Christian at all.  Two that we have seen receive favourable reactions are and

As we all know, users of introductory sites need to be cautious; even where the site is genuinely Christian, some of its users may neither be Christian nor genuine!  Helpful advice can be found on, at the bottom of the page; you may also find it useful to look at the advice on from across the Atlantic.

Please note that none of the above constitutes a recommendation from Living Leadership, just some possible places for you or people you care for to start looking!