Nigel Lee Audio Resources

We are very pleased to make available a growing archive of talks, sermons and conference addresses by the late Nigel Lee. Nigel served the Lord with distinction in Operation Mobilisation, The Universities and Colleges Christian Fellowship and elder at Saltisford and Myton Church in Leamington Spa, UK.

There are many reasons for wanting to gather Nigel's talks into an archive. Though he left very little by way of writing, he was a preeminent missionary statesman of the latter half of the 20th century and a prince among Bible teachers. His legacy is in the transformed lives of countless individuals around the world, and a huge number of evangelists and preachers whom he befriended, encouraged, mentored and passed the torch to.

We are very grateful to friends at Saltisford and Myton Churches and to Nigel's wife Trisha for sharing this initial collection of sermons and talks given at those churches. We hope you will be blessed by what you hear. For more information about the ministry of Nigel Lee click here.

We apologise for the occasional degradation on the recordings.

Please feel free to download and distribute copies of these addresses provided you do not alter the content in any way.

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