Discipleship Course: Building on the Rock, From Steve Wilmshurst & Kensington Baptist Church, Bristol

Here is an example of how one church - Kensington Baptist, Bristol - disciples new believers. Course author Steve Wilmshurst writes:

We have run these sessions twice a month, from say late Sept to early July (with obvious gaps for holidays). We launch with a meal where we set out the programme. This helps generate the buzz that generally characterises the sessions. The 16 main sessions then have people sitting in groups round little tables with their group leaders (always the same ones) and we start with drinks and snacks. 

Once we finished with another meal where we gave out certificates. This was good, but it was getting on towards summer hols so the attendance wasn't great. Indeed, regularity of attendance is one of the major issues with a programme like this. We have generally targted (by specific invitation) people on the fringes of the church so lack of commitment is bound to be an issue.

Typically 60% to 80% of the material (depending on topic and presenter) is delivered from the front and the rest is discussion or reflection in the groups.

 The sessions below contain the course handout notes, which are sufficiently comprehensive that they can be used, with some preparation, to deliver a similar course. Steve notes, however, that not all the material in below is uniform in style or presentation, and that in some cases there are gaps in what the Powerpoints cover.

If you would like to know more about the course or find out how it has been used in practice, Steve would be happy for you to contact him at: steve@kenbaptist.org.

Session 1: God, Powerpoint

Session 2: The Bible, Powerpoint

Session 3: Reading the Bible, Powerpoint

Session 4: Human Race, Powerpoint

Session 5:  Salvation, Powerpoint

Session 6: Angels, Satan and Demons, Powerpoint

 Session 7 Prayer and Spiritual Warfare, Powerpoint

Session 8: The Church, Powerpoint

 Session 9:  Being part of a church family, Powerpoint

Session 10: The Last Days, Powerpoint

Session 11: Reading the Bible 2, Powerpoint

Session 12: God's world, Powerpoint

Session 13: Mission and Evangelism

Session 14: Work, money and lifestyle, Powerpoint

Session 15:  Understanding the times, Powerpoint, Statistics

Session 16: Ministry and mentoring, Powerpoint


Course Invitation Letter

Programme for Course members

Course overview powerpoint