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Having started in person in 2020 and then successfully been moved online due to coronavirus, this course will be running online in 2021.  We are currently collecting preferences for the best dates, time and mode of delivery.  To register your interest, please click here.


This course is designed for people who have or are expected to have a significant involvement in providing pastoral care for others, including:

  • Pastors or ministers seeking refreshment in pastoral care skills.

  • Elders, youth workers or other church leaders seeking initial training or refreshment of caring skills.

  • Leaders or managers in Christian organisations responsible for care of staff or volunteers.

  • Members of church pastoral care teams or pastoral care workers.

  • Christians in caring professions (e.g., doctors, nurses, teachers, social workers) who want to integrate their faith with their professional thinking.


If you fall into any of these groups you are welcome on the course. If you do not, but you are expecting to be in one of these positions in the near future, you will require a recommendation from a leader of a church or Christian organisation.



100% of past participants say they would recommend this course

When surveyed, past participants gave the course an average approval rating of 9.6 out of 10, scored the notes provided 5 out of 5 and all agreed that the course was good value for money.

When asked what they would say to someone considering joining the course, some of their responses were:



The course runs over 16 weeks (scheduled to avoid school and bank holidays and comprising 3 hours of content plus breaks each week) divided into four four-week blocks considering:

  1. Foundations – the biblical, historical and theological basis for pastoral care.

  2. Skills – essential tools for good pastoral practice.

  3. Issues – practical guidance for engaging with people in specific needs.

  4. Wisdom – guidance on boundaries, self-care and organisation of provision of care.


Each week includes:

  • Prayer and worship

  • Interactive teaching on aspects of pastoral care provided by Living Leadership staff and associates with occasional input from other experienced pastoral care-givers and trainers

  • Group discussion around case studies, Scripture and experience

  • Space for reflection and application either individually or with your group

  • Extensive notes to take away and keep as a reference resource


Subjects covered in the course include:

  • Healthy relationships, boundaries and accountability

  • The role of prayer in pastoral care

  • The use of Scripture in pastoral care

  • Pastoral counselling (please note, this is not a counselling course)

  • Specific issues, including youth, ageing, sex and sexuality, bereavement, and care for the dying

  • Structuring pastoral care provision in a church or organisation



48 hours of content for £360 (£7.50 per hour)

10% discount available for groups of three plus. 


A limited number of scholarships for half-price participation may also be available - let us know if that would make participation feasible for you.


If you have any other queries about the course, please email Paul Coulter.

"Go for it!" a lay pastoral care-giver

"biblically (gospel) based,  wise advice regarding how to think about and approach different topics. Allows for healthy insight into your own heart and thoughts" a youth worker

"The course was very diverse covering many aspects of pastoral care but keeping it Gospel Centred the ultimate aim being restoration of a person's heart" a nurse

"The course is comprehensive, well informed in historic and contemporary Christian thought and practical for pastoral work." a pastor

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