Growing in Apologetics

One of the great challenges facing church leaders is equipping God’s people to answer the challenging questions they get asked.

Introduction to Apologetics 

Answering Tough Questions

a course on the reasons for faith and the big questions

Four sessions, each 90 minutes long:

Session 1
- What about science and faith? 
- How can you believe in miracles? 
- And why do you believe in God anyway?

Session 2
- How could a good God allow so much suffering? 
- Faith may be nice for you but I’m happy without it. 
- Why do you believe in the resurrection anyway?

Session 3 
Isn’t the Bible full of mistakes? 
- Isn’t the church evil? 
- Why those four gospels anyway? 
- Doesn’t the Bible teach that God hates homosexuals? 
- Why do you believe in that Bible anyway?

Session 4
- Our society has many sincerely-held faiths; how can you think your Jesus is the only way to God? 
- Doesn’t that attitude cause fights? 
- Anyway what about those who have never heard your gospel? 
- Why do you believe Jesus was God anyway? 

In this collection you will find:

a) Leaders’ Notes

Session 1 - Leader’s Notes

Session 2 - Leader’s Notes

Session 3 - Leader’s Notes

b) Handouts for use during sessions

Session 1 - Handout

Session 2 - Handout

c) Takeaway Notes

Session 1 - Takeaway Notes

Session 2 - Takeaway Notes

Session 3 - Takeaway Notes

Session 4 - Takeaway Notes

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Pete Lowman

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