Growing Disciple-making Disciples

T1S1 Biblical concepts of Disciplemaking Handout Powerpoint

T1S2 Disciple-making Foundations 1: Whole Life Discipleship Handout Powerpoint

T1S3 Disciple-making Foundations 2: Missional Discipleship Handout

T1S4 Disciple-making Foundations 3: Intentional Discipleship Handout 

T1S5 Radical Discipleship Handout Powerpoint

T1S6 Grace Filled Discipleship Handout

T1S7 Making Disciples among not-yet-Christians 1 Handout

T1S8 Discipling not-yet-Christians 1 Handout

T1S8 Discipling non-yet-Christians 2 Handout

Huddle notes Handout 1

T2S1 Discipling Spiritual Infants - Discerning and meeting needs Handout

T2S2 Introduction to Life Shapes Handout Powerpoint

T2S3 Discipling Spiritual Infants - A Disciplemaking Plan Handout

T2S4 Discipling Spiritual Infants: Equipping for mission Handout