Our Ethos

Living Leadership is a wide collaboration of friends from evangelical churches across the UK. Partners come from large churches and small churches and many different church backgrounds.

We are committed to growing leaders who:

  • are captivated by the glory of God and the wonder of the biblical gospel of Jesus Christ;

  • are wise and kind, leading out of a deep relationship with God and love of his word as the heart of their spirituality;

  • passionately believe that taking the gospel of God’s salvation into every corner of the globe is the primary mission of the church;

  • lead out of a clear and life-long enjoyment of God’s grace and are dedicated to serving others in love;

  • are humble, faithful, prayerful, loving, repentant and forgiving, knowing that their secret character before God is more important than their skills.

We aim to do this with a wide network of friends from different backgrounds within our statement of faith. If that excites you, why not get in touch?