Our courses offer essential knowledge and skills in different aspects of Christian service while emphasising your formation in Christ-like character and loving dependence on God.

The following courses are already developed - more will follow.  Find out more about each by clicking on the title or 'More details'.  To find out what courses are coming up, please click for more details below.

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Graceful Apologetics Foundation Course

Aim: developing confident Christ-centred faith and equipping for faithful Christ-centred conversations in an attitude of gentleness.

For: anyone wanting to be more effective sharing the gospel with others and responding graciously to challenging questions.

Duration: 16 hours      Cost: £80 (£60 for students; 10% off for groups of 3+)

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Gospel Shaped PC logo.png
Gospel-Shaped Pastoral Care Course

Aim: core knowledge and skills for caring faithfully for others integrated with an emphasis on the heart and faith of the care-giver.

For: people already or soon likely to be involved significantly in caring for others (including pastors, elders, pastoral care workers etc.).

Duration:  48 hours     Cost: £360  (10% off for groups of 3+)

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