Why we send our apprentices to Formation

Melinda Hendry, Associate Minister at All Souls, Langham Place, writes: 

"On the 3rd of September, I’ll be arriving at Formation with our 9 church apprentices. We’ve been bringing our apprentices to Formation for a number of years now as it’s proved to be the best way to set them up for the year ahead. From the Bible teaching to the seminars to the informal conversations, Formation not only equips them practically for the year ahead, but more than that it equips them spiritually and feeds their hearts. And with the emphasis on grace and character, I know that our apprentices will receive good foundations for ministry that we can then build on throughout the year. 

The next generation needs leaders who are committed to the historic gospel, who are rooted in grace, who desire to live as authentic, radical disciples of Jesus in this world and who work to grow other authentic, radical disciples. For us, Formation is a key place where we can begin to grow our apprentices into this kind of Christian leader."

You can find out more about Formation here


Katy KennedyComment