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recordings from our Pastoral Refreshment Conferences since they began in 2007



The theme of the 2018 conferences was Rhythms of Grace - Work, Rest, Play to the Glory of God. For the second year we ran conferences in two locations. Tony Horsfall was the main preacher at Hothorpe Hall in the Midlands and Dave Burke at Newby Bridge in the Lake District.. The Newby Bridge conference was a partnership with Keswick Ministries.

Tony Horsfall, Rhythms of Grace: talk 1; talk 2; talk 3

Dave Burke, Rhythms of Grace: talk 1; talk 2; talk 3, Powerpoint to accompany talk 1


Pastoral Refreshment Conference 2017

The 2017 conferences explored Keep in Step with the Spirit. For the first time we ran PRC in 2 venues, Hothorpe Hall in Leicestershire and Newby Bridge in the Lake District (in partnership with Keswick Ministries). Our speakers were Mark Meynell and Paul Mallard. Unfortunately only one of Mark's talks survived on audio

Paul Mallard, Keep in Step with the Spirit: talk 1; talk 2; talk 3

Mark Meynell, Keeping in Step with the Spirit: talk 1


Pastoral Refreshment conference 2016

The tenth anniversary conferences took the theme of Jesus the Pastor. We hope you enjoy the following talks by David Coffey and Terry Virgo, with two additional talks on the Glory of Christ from Julian Hardyman and Dave Burke

David Coffey, Jesus the Pastor: talk 1; talk 2; talk 3

Terry Virgo, Jesus the Pastor: talk 1; talk 2; talk 3

Julian Hardyman, The Glory of Christ

Dave Burke, The Glory of Christ


Pastoral Refreshment Conference 2015

February 2015 saw the ninth Pastoral Refreshment Conference. The theme was 'Replenish' and the main preacher Paul Mallard spoke on: Keeping Fresh: Love, Holiness and Suffering.


Pastoral Refreshment Conference 2014

In January 2014 we ran two Pastoral Refreshment Conferences. The theme was 'Christ our Life' with Mike Reeves from WEST giving three addresses from Hebrews 1-2. 

Mike Reeves -

WMA format: talk 1, talk 2 and talk 3

MP3 format: talk 1, talk 2 and talk 3


Pastoral Refreshment Conference 2012

In Febuary 2012 we ran two Pastoral Refreshment Conferences for the first time. The theme was taken from Psalm 27 - to gaze upon the beauty of the Lord. The two main preachers were Terry Virgo (New Frontiers) and Peter Maiden (Operation Mobilisation). A keynote testimonial pastoral address was given by Gordon and Helen Dalzell.

Terry Virgo - 1 Kings 19 and 2 Corinthians 4

Peter Maiden - Psalm 27: talk 1talk 2 and talk 3 

Gordon and Helen Dalzell - Testimonial: Grace and the Fatherhood of God 

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Pastoral Refreshment Conference 2011

The 2011 Pastoral Refreshment Conference - "God Intended It For Good" - was based on the life of Joseph. The main preacher was David Coffey. 

The Wisdom of God is a Life-Shaper
The Holiness of God is a Character-Former
The Providence of God is a Slow Burner

And a couple of bonus talks:

Marcus Honeysett - Grace and Pride in Leadership
Philip Warburton - Communion Meditation on Revelation 5



Pastoral Refreshment Conference 2010

The theme of the Pastoral Refreshment Conference 2010 was "The Joy of the Lord in Leadership". The main preacher was Dick Dowsett.

Joy in moving with God
Joy when plans go pear-shaped

And a bonus talk:
John Risbridger - Psalm 32  


Pastoral Refreshment Conference 2009

The theme of the 2009 Pastoral Refreshment Conference was "Leaders as Disciples". The main preacher was Andrew Page.

Joy in Discipleship
Struggles in Discipleship
Growing in Discipleship 


Pastoral Refreshment Conference 2008

The theme of the 2008 Pastoral Refreshment Conference was "Enjoying God's Grace". The main preacher was Jonathan Lamb.

Grace and Integrity
Grace and God's Power in Weakness

And a bonus talk:
Grace and Glory - Mark Bonnington


Pastoral Refreshment Conference 2007

The theme of the inaugural Pastoral Refreshment Conference was "The Love of the Lord in Leadership". The main preacher was Dave Burke who spoke on Psalm 103.

Psalm 103: Talk 1, Talk 2, Talk 3

And a bonus talk:
Philip Warburton - Faith and Doubt