Learn about the core living leadership team

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Marcus Honeysett
Executive Director

Marcus Honeysett is founding director of Living Leadership. He is also the Director of the School of Missional Disciple-Making. He is a well known speaker and writer, as well as a church elder for training and discipleship. Marcus is a visiting MA lecturer in Christian Leadership at the Wales Evangelical School of Theology.


Claire Reynolds
Operations Manager 

Claire joined Living Leadership in January 2011. Claire has previously worked in Human Resources for Friends International and campus outreach for UCCF.


Bettina Collins
Staff Worker



Richard Collins
Staff Worker


Norman Fraser
Chair of Trustees and Strategy Board Member  

Norman Fraser is an IT entrepreneur and church leader. He previously worked as Assistant Head of Student Ministries for UCCF.


Gareth Davies
Deputy Chair of Trustees and Strategy Board Member  

Gareth Davies is UK Director for CARE.

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David Burke
Strategy Board Member

Dave Burke is senior pastor of Bethany City Church in Sunderland.

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Steve Casey
Strategy Board Member 

Steve Casey is pastor of Speke Baptist Church in Liverpool. He is a regular leader on Living Leadership Formation programme.

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Peter Comont
Strategy Board Member

Peter Comont is senior pastor of Trinity Church, Oxford.


Melinda Hendry
Strategy Board Member 

Melinda Hendry is a Senior Associate Minister at All Souls Church, Langham Place where she oversees their apprentice scheme. She is also one of the contributors to the Living Leadership Formation conference.

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Pete Lowman
Strategy Board Member 

Pete Lowman is one of the pastors of Wycliffe Baptist Church Reading. He is responsible for developing the forthcoming Living Leadership "growing in pastoring" suite of online resources.


Jackie Mann
Strategy Board Member 

Jackie Mann is Training Facilitator at Myton Church in Warwick. 


Alison Risbridger
Strategy Board Member

Alison Risbridger works in various ministry areas alongside her husband, John, who is one of the ministers of Above Bar Church, Southampton.