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Marcus Honeysett

For several years Living Leadership has partnered with Above Bar Church Southampton to develop and run the School of Missional Disciple-Making. The School is now Formation School, a partner in our new Formation network.

Formation School continues to grow as an exciting, innovative, and life-changing programme for developing in-church, missional, disciple-making leaders. It equips you for making disciples, leadership, and mission within a supportive learning community of tutors and participants from a range of churches and backgrounds.

See the new Formation School website here for more details, , prospectus and testimony from recent graduates:

I’ve been challenged, encouraged, and equipped for mission. I’ve been taught, loved, and inspired by the people I’ve met here. Above all, I’ve been amazed time and again by the depth of God’s love and the reach of His grace
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— Jonathan L.

Why do you go to the Pastoral Refreshment Conference?

Katy Kennedy

Cate Cooke, a minister's wife from Reading, writes: 

As a wife and mother life can be very busy, add in to that the job of supporting my husband in pastoral ministry as well as the numerous add-ons that entails and life accelerates to 100mph without much let-up.

My husband does not go to many conferences and the few times that we have gone together the joy of being 'away' has been neutered by the expectations of the conference itself. Well, imagine a conference that your children refer to as the "marriage refreshment conference"! If you have no idea what I can possibly be talking about then imagine a conference with nice rooms, lovely food, a no 'must' timetable, grace, refreshment, laughter, praise, and you have some idea about why we go this particular conference every year; and "yes" it is good for our marriage, as any real rest away from the job may be!

There is God on the menu at all times - the opportunity to delve deeper with Him, to be challenged by Him, to relax with Him, to revel in Him and His wonderful grace, and to talk with his people without any expectations placed on you. (I have even been known to sit in my room watching a film, thanking God for the amazing space that enables me to relax without feeling guilty!!) One of the best things, though, is that it does not much matter whether you come on your own, with a spouse or with members of your church team - there is no one God cannot touch and refresh at this conference. Actually the conferences are put together so well, with so much practical thoughtfulness, that there has never been a seminar slot which I have not wanted to go to: Prayer; Holiness; Stress; Time Management; Marriage; Parenting; Coping with Disappointment; the list goes on... The conference speakers have been inspired by God to speak His word with truthfulness and insight and have all been very challenging and helpful.

The only real way to decide whether I am telling you the truth is to attend, and experience ‘pastoral refreshment’ for yourself (don’t forget to bring your favourite film!).

Cate Cooke (wife & mother), Reading.

You can find out more about the Pastoral Refreshment Conference here.  


Why we send our apprentices to Formation

Katy Kennedy

Melinda Hendry, Associate Minister at All Souls, Langham Place, writes: 

"On the 3rd of September, I’ll be arriving at Formation with our 9 church apprentices. We’ve been bringing our apprentices to Formation for a number of years now as it’s proved to be the best way to set them up for the year ahead. From the Bible teaching to the seminars to the informal conversations, Formation not only equips them practically for the year ahead, but more than that it equips them spiritually and feeds their hearts. And with the emphasis on grace and character, I know that our apprentices will receive good foundations for ministry that we can then build on throughout the year. 

The next generation needs leaders who are committed to the historic gospel, who are rooted in grace, who desire to live as authentic, radical disciples of Jesus in this world and who work to grow other authentic, radical disciples. For us, Formation is a key place where we can begin to grow our apprentices into this kind of Christian leader."

You can find out more about Formation here


10 Reasons Churches Stall Part 1

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Sometimes churches stall and it isn’t always easy to tell from the inside what is wrong. But you don’t necessarily have to know what is wrong to know that something is wrong. When a stall occurs one common option is to look at superficial things like style of services or meeting times. It is rare to find a church daring enough to ask if there might be a more foundational hole in the fuel tank.
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Great Bible Study Books

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Want to get your congregation reading, obeying and teaching God's word with both accuracy and passion? Here are a few top, easy to read, books to put in their hands:

1. Getting the Message. You may not have come across this superb training material from Gilbert Lennox, available here

2. How to Read the Bible for All Its Worth. Gordon Fee and Douglas Stuart

3. Dig Deeper. Nigel Beynon and Andrew Sach

4. Improving Your Quiet Time. Simon Robinson. Really easy to read, simple, helpful. Good. Here

5. For the Love of God. Don Carson

Any or all of these will be a huge benefit to any believer in your church

Leading for Progress and Joy in the Faith

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Where better to start the new Living Leadership blog than with the Apostle Paul's seminal definition of the goal of Christian leadership in Philippians 1:25-26:
...I will continue with all of you for your progress and joy in the faith, so that through my being with you again your joy in Jesus Christ will overflow on account of me
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Living Leadership Blog

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Welcome to the new Living Leadership Blog.

We aim to update regularly with innovative content from around our network to encourage and stimulate fresh leadership thinking.