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Answering Tough Questions

One of the great challenges facing church leaders currently is equipping their fellow-believers to give solid reasons for the hope they have, and to answer the challenging questions they get asked.  In this section you’ll find an apologetics course with accompanying resources, ready for you to adapt for your own situation and reuse.

Session 2 - Handout

Katy Kennedy

Written by Pete Lowman

You can download the PDF of this resource here. 


What everyone agreed: Jesus died and was buried….

 But what happened to the body?  Could Jesus' enemies have stolen it?


Could Jesus' friends have stolen it?


Has he risen triumphantly from the dead?

 `We who ate and drank with him after he rose from the dead` (Acts 10:41)...

 Were these appearances legends?


Or lies?


 Or hallucinations?


What happened?