About us:

Who is Living Leadership?

Living Leadership is a collaboration of leaders and supporters from evangelical churches across the UK for growing and discipling leaders. Partners come from large churches and small churches and many different church backgrounds. We believe that many of the resources the British church need exist within Britain and our aim is enable those resources to be shared. 

What Kind of Leaders Does Living Leadership Want to Grow?

Living Leadership wants to grow leaders who are captivated by the glory of God and the wonder of the biblical gospel of Jesus Christ. We believe that leaders who are energised and supported in their walks with the Lord Jesus enjoy greater fruitfulness in their lives and ministry and because of their gospel-shaped hearts. 

We want to nurture leaders who are wise and kind, who lead out a deep relationship with God and love for his word. People who are committed to God's mission through his church in reaching the ends of the earth.  People who are humble, faithful, prayerful, loving, repentant and forgiving, men and women who know that their secret character before God is more important than their skills and so prioritise their spiritual walk with him.


Two Conferences:

1. The Pastoral Refreshment Conference, which takes place annually early in the new year, seeks to encourage leaders to keep their focus on the Lord Jesus by providing an atmosphere of worship and rest. It is regularly described by leaders and spouses as an unmissable oasis.

2. Formation is our conference training programme for those starting out in church ministry. This takes the form of two conferences yearly, one in September, one in March, seeking to equip new leaders with firm foundations in their identity as leaders: the grace of the Lord Jesus, their identity in Him and their character as leaders. 


We partner with churches and leaders across the country to provide grace-based leadership training events. Why not get in touch to discuss whether we can help you run a training day or develop leaders training in your area? Marcus and others on the Living Leadership team accept invitations to provide training for church leaders in your area - you can contact him here.

Online Resources:

Our excellent resources cover a variety of topics for all aspects of ministry. Why not take a look for yourself?


You can learn a bit more about us from our Statement of Faith here and Statement of Ethos here.

You can read our Privacy Statement on how we handle data here.

You can meet the core team here.


Living Leadership is a registered charity, no. 1121621. 

Leaders enjoy good food. 

Leaders enjoy good food. 

Marcus in action, training leaders in Southampton, 2013. 

Marcus in action, training leaders in Southampton, 2013.